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I’m 65 years old, carrying a bunch of bottled water around is not an option for me. And drinking tap water is also not an option because I used to have gall and kidney stones and my doctor told me to start drinking bottled water made with reverse osmosis. Turns out the hard minerals in tap water were contributing to my kidney stones. I now have a Culligan drinking water system and get my water right from a special spout on my sink. It’s also hooked up to my ice maker and wow I can’t believe how clear the ice cubes look now. The Culligan man comes out to my house yearly to change my filters and sanitize my system at no charge. Thank you Culligan! I appreciate how you have helped me and will make sure I tell all my friends about how happy I am with your service!

I love my new water softener. My son has eczema; we have tried creams, lotion all of which were very expensive. I was told by a friend that a water softener may help. While it has not gone away completely the difference is night and day. It’s so much better now that we don’t have to use those expensive creams anymore. Thank you Culligan!
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