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I have well water where I live. The city told me that I had unsafe levels of bacteria in my water and needed to have it treated. And to make matters worse I also had a bunch of red stains in my showers and toilet which turned out to be some type of rusty bacteria. I had one of Culligan’s problem water experts come out to my home and now the problem is fixed and it’s been 6 years now without a single issue. I’m not sure how all the equipment works and it looks pretty complicated but I can tell you that my water has now been deemed safe for drinking and my clothes and shower are no longer pink and red. Needless to say my wife is much happier. I’m a satisfied customer.

Where I live the water is very hard. My hot water pipes were plugging up all the time and my plumber told me I needed a water conditioner. I called around and after talking with a few companies I decided to go with Culligan. I just got a better feeling from them and I like that they have been around for so long. Warranties are great but what good are they if the company has only been in business for like 5 years? That’s why I went with Culligan.
Culligan of Ellwood City is rated 5/5 based on 4 reviews.

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